“When I met my two college roommates (both Rice Lake natives) and many of their friends at UW-Eau Claire during my freshman year of college, I can recall thinking that I’d love to raise my family in a community like Rice Lake if the caliber of people raised in that community was anything like the people that I had met in college.  Little did I know, my college roommates and all of their friends all happened to be classmates and alumni of St Joseph School in Rice Lake.  Fast forward several years later when I found myself in Rice Lake married to Shane, a SJS alumni, and with a family of our own. There was no doubt in our minds where we wanted our boys to attend school.  Looking back at his time at SJS, Shane valued the small class size, the faith based learning, and the nurturing, family environment that makes SJS feel like home.  We are so thankful to be able to send our children to SJS. Perhaps some day in college, their friends will also wonder how these Rice Lake kids turned out so great!” – Aubert Family