Why Choose St Joseph School? Here’s what our Parents Have to Say!

Why we decided, as parents, that St. Joseph School was best for our children:

“Faith environment including Biblical discipline/consequences
Tough, but loving and caring staff
Safe environment
Opportunities to be involved in children’s education
Family atmosphere
High expectations
Strong academics
Variety of student activities
Well rounded sports program”


A Great Foundation

“We have had 3 children go through the elementary grades at St. Joseph School, and it has been a great experience that builds a great foundation for middle school. The teachers have shown an abundance of love and support for our children. They care about helping each student develop academically and socially. Our main reason for enrolling our kids at St. Joseph School is the faith based learning environment. We also appreciate the individualized education each student receives.”


20 things I love about the parents of St. Joseph School:

  • brothers and sisters in Christ
  • focused on raising Godly children
  • good parents
  • faith-filled
  • full of fun and laughter
  • supportive and encouraging
  • enjoyable company
  • generous
  • creative and innovative
  • talented
  • willing
  • friendly and approachable
  • involved
  • helpful
  • trustworthy
  • honorable
  • interesting
  • energetic
  • personable and real
  • My Friends