Throughout the school year, our teachers have many wish list items that they desire. We offer the opportunity to our alumni, parents, and friends to give a  gift to our teachers from their wish list. They jump for joy when receiving these gifts that they can put right to work in their classrooms.

Our wish list is updated periodically during the school year. Wish list items are primarily added to our Amazon wish list, but a list of a few items, not found on Amazon are also desired items of our teachers (shown right).

When you purchase a wish list item from Amazon, you can choose to ship the item directly to the school or to your home address. It is helpful if you can include a note in your order to let us know who the gift came from. That allows our teachers to be able to thank you for your gift.

Questions? Contact the Dir. of Marketing and Advancement, Emily Hagen, at or 715-736-3113.