Mr. Ryan Stridde

Meet Mr. Ryan Stridde
Hello! I am Mr. Stridde. I have been working at St. Joseph School since 2019. I have two children Jaxon and Mason (twins), who are currently in kindergarten in St. Croix Falls, and they will turn 7 this July! I attended UWRF and received a Bachelor’s Degree in K-12 Physical Education with a minor in Film Studies.
I grew up in Franklin, WI (a suburb of Milwaukee). When looking at colleges, I came across UWRF and found out that it was the only UW school that had both PE and Film Studies as fields of study. As that was what I wanted, I decided to go to a school in an area I didn’t know.
My favorite hobbies are running, lifting weights, hiking, watching movies, and spending time with my family!
I always wanted to be a teacher because I felt like the school setting was a close-knit community of people working towards a common, important goal: the betterment of the nation’s youth. St. Joseph School has shown me that idea in the most fully realized way I have experienced as an educator. I enjoy the smaller setting, really knowing the students and those I work with, and I enjoy just how personal the school feels!

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PreK - 8 Physical Education and Health

Phone #: 715.234.7721 x1007