Jennifer Nelson

My name is Jen Nelson and I have been a part of the SJS family for 14 years. I started subbing and volunteering with my son started preschool. Officially, I have been the Special Education service provider here at St. Joseph for RLASD for about 6 years. This is my first year as an official SJS Special Education Teacher and Case Manager. However, I also work for RLASD in this role as well.

I have two children. My daughter is a sophomore in college and my son is a senior at Rice Lake High School. They both graduated from St. Joseph Catholic School. I attended Catholic school through High School and am so happy that my children also were able to receive a Catholic education.

I attended and received my Bachelor’s Degrees in Special Education and Regular Education at UW-Eau Claire. I grew up in Chippewa Falls and moved to Rice Lake in 1999 when I got married to my husband, Chad, who is a local to Rice Lake.

Some of my favorite hobbies are staying active by working out, traveling, and just being on the lake with my family.

My most favorite thing about St. Joseph Catholic School is the community atmosphere. The teachers and staff are so caring and know each student and their unique needs. They work hard so that everyone is successful. I am proud to be a part of the SJS family.

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Special Education Teacher

Phone #: 715-234-7721 extension 1006