SJS hits bullseye with NASP Archery Program

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January 13, 2023


In the 2022-2023 school year, St. Joseph Catholic School adopted Archery as a part of the Physical Education curriculum.  We are using the NASP program, which is the National Archery in the Schools Program. With this program, we work with students, 4th Grade through 8th Grade, to teach the basics of archery. Amongst the topics being covered are:

-Determining eye dominance
-Working with string bows to have a greater understanding of proper archery form
– Understanding the 11 steps of archery when it comes to shooting with actual bows and arrows
-Safety and course setup for indoor targets
-Becoming more confident in one’s self by working with implements they may not have before
The program started in January and many students were excited and ready, as they had a background in hunting, while others were nervous since they had never used a bow and arrow before. After one day, it was obvious that everyone was able to relax and understand the process. Mr. Ryan Stridde said, “I would say that everyone is enjoying themselves after being able to fire the arrows and that they are looking forward to learning more about archery in future weeks!”
The implementation of the program couldn’t have happened without the contributions and support of many in the community including:
  • Knights of Columbus Council 2137 (Rice Lake)
  • Knights of Columbus Council  9546 (Quad County)
  • Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
  • National Archery in Schools Program
  • Gregg Kurzynski
  • Eric Yeager