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May 25, 2021

May 24, 2021 – Update from Jerry Van Dyke (Principal)
The end of the school year is in sight! Despite the challenges, it has been a successful year here at St. Joseph School.
I appreciate how conscientious and cautious many of you parents have been in helping us keep the SJS teachers and students healthy by keeping ill children home.
With your cooperation and hard work from the SJS staff, we have successfully served our students with in-person learning for the entire school year, with only a few small interruptions.
I want to publicly thank our teachers for their excellent work through this all. They have all taken on extra responsibilities, such as helping make sure desks and learning materials are sanitized between student uses. (This is over and above the extra cleaning and disinfecting that Mr. Tony has done every day this year.)
Teaching while wearing masks and having students more spread out in the classrooms have also been added challenges that the teachers have overcome. And many of the teachers have sacrificed time with extended family by avoiding travel, to help keep virus transmission low in our community. Their dedication to the health and education of your children is outstanding!
We have an amazing teaching team here at SJS! Please take some time at the end of the school year to let them know that they are appreciated.
Thank you for your support of St. Joseph School.
Jerry Van Dyke, Principal

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