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Our faculty members are not typical instructors. They are passionate, mission-filled, vocational, faithful teachers who choose to work in a faith-based environment that helps young learners become disciples, scholars, athletes and citizens.

All of our teachers (classroom teachers and specialists) have a degree and licenses from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. We also require our substitute teachers to have a degree and license.

Administrative Team

Father Ed Anderson

Fr. Ed Anderson


715.736.3102, fatheredanderson@gmail.com

Father Adam Laski

Fr. Adam Laski

715.736.3109 fatheradamlaski@gmail.com

Mr. Jerry Van Dyke


715.736.3100, j.vandyke@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Julie Mazourek

School Office Administration

715-736-3112, j.mazourek@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Emily Hagen

Mrs. Emily Hagen

Director of Marketing and Advancement

715.234.7721 x1005, e.hagen@sjsricelake.org

Mr. Tony Brunette

Mr. Tony Brunette




Pre-Kindergarten / Pre-School

Mrs. Shannon Holthaus

Mrs. Shannon Holthaus


Meet Mrs. Shannon Holthaus, our Preschool Teacher!
Hi! I am Mrs. Shannon Holthaus. I have worked at St. Joseph School for three years but I have been a part of the community for quite some time now. I have two children, Lauren and Julia.  They both attended St. Joseph School from K-8th grade.

I went to UW-Stout and have a degree in Early Childhood Education. I grew up in northern Wisconsin and enjoy being near family. My favorite hobbies are gardening, reading, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and running. Along with spending time outdoors with my family.

I love St. Joseph School because it feels like a family. I enjoy working with such wonderful, kind, caring teachers, students and families.

Mrs. Alicia Kreier

Mrs. Alicia Kreier

3K Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher

3K Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Pat Western

Mrs. Pat Western


Mrs. Melissa Handorf

1st Grade

715.234.7721 x1012, m.handorf@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Wendy Denison

2nd Grade

715.234.7721 x1013, w.denison@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Barb Kinnick

3rd Grade

715.234.7721 x1014, b.kinnick@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Stephanie Bowers

Mrs. Stephanie Bowers

4th Grade

715.234.7721 x1015, s.bowers@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Alicia Kreier

Mrs. Alicia Kreier

3K Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher

715.234.7721 x1010, a.kreier@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Rachel Kallio

Teacher Aid


Middle School

Mrs. Auriana Hyllested

Middle School Science and Middle School Religion

715.234.7721 x1016, a.hyllested@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Christie Nielsen

Mrs. Christie Nielsen

Middle School Mathematics, Technology & Athletic Director

715.234.7721 x1019, c.nielsen@sjsricelake.org

Ms. Sarah Plahn

Middle School Social Studies

715.234.7721 x1018, s.plahn@sjsricelake.org

Sr. Claudine Balio

Middle School Language Arts, Middle School Religion

715.234.7721 x1017, c.balio@sjsricelake.org


Mr. Ryan Stridde

PreK - 8 Physical Education and Health

715.234.7721 x1007, r.stridde@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Mary Shearer

Mrs. Mary Shearer

PreK-8 Music

715.234.7721 x1021, m.shearer@sjsricelake.org

Mrs. Emily Rose

Kindergarten Aid / Art Teacher

715.234.7721, e.rose@sjsricelake.org

School Kitchen

Catherine Willger

Mrs. Catherine Willger

Head Chef

715.234.7721 x1008, willgerpc@gmail.com

Suzi Robinson

Mrs. Suzi Robinson

Assistant Cook