Welcome to the Home and School Organization! We meet monthly at the school and all are welcome to join us anytime. Refer to the school calendar and weekly e-mail updates for more detailed information about upcoming meetings.


The Home and School Association is a means to organize parental efforts to support their Catholic school. The purpose of this association is to provide a forum where parents, teachers, principal and pastor can coordinate educational support for the school’s programs. 


  • Promote communication among parents, teachers, and administration.  
  • Offer programs that assist parents and teachers in fulfilling their role in Catholic formation of the children.  
  • Promote goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, administration, education committee, and the parish. 
  • Direct and coordinate parental support to the school through specific assistance activities, social functions, and fundraisers. 


The membership of this association is ALL of the parents and teachers. The parents and teachers act collectively on behalf of and in support of the school.