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Current challenges we face as a school are:

  • Recruiting and retaining top educators
  • Creating and maintaining innovative classrooms
  • Continuing to foster spiritual growth for students and families
  • Supporting ongoing professional and spiritual development for our faculty

To meet these challenges, we rely upon the generosity of our benefactors.  The gap between tuition and the total cost of educating a student continues to widen, challenging us to provide the education each child deserves.  We are asking for your help and support.

We Are Proud of our Alumni!

For over 130 years we have sent graduates out into the world to make a difference, and that is exactly what they are doing. Our graduates lead the way in academics, sports, service, and professional careers. As our students enter high school they often times earn academic honors.

Our alumni are living examples of faith and service in the communities in which they live.

February 2023 – Alumni Spotlight

Tony Brunnette (1995)

What have you been doing since 8th grade?

I graduated from St. Joseph Catholic School in 1995. I was the 4th generation family member to attend school at SJS; my children are 5th generation. Following High School at Rice Lake High, I attended WITC for Wood Techniques. For 10 years I worked in the residential construction field. It was a good day-to-day job, but I was left feeling very unfulfilled. When a heard that a Facilities Manager position was available at St. Joseph School, I couldn’t imagine anyone else but me doing the job. I’ve been a member of the staff for 10 years now. It has really been a joy to witness my children living the day-to-day events of school. I’ve learned a lot from the students.

Favorite Subject/Memory?

The first thing that comes to mind is serving at funerals as an altar server and eating the potluck meals following the funeral. While the food was certainly a treat, I know this experience gave way to my passion for serving the community. I still enjoy serving the community. I’ve been an active member of the Rice Lake Fire Department for 18 years and enjoy the sense of service while doing so. 

How has your faith guided you?

The biggest thing that has always stuck with me is treating others how Jesus treated his disciples and the people. In my daily interactions with students, whether in the lunch room or the hallways, I work hard to be a positive role model and show them respect. I hope the students will look back and remember me that way. 

Advice for current students?

Failure is not really failure, it is just temporarily not succeeding.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

Being a dad to my children. It is satisfying to watch my children grow and become good people.

Five Generations of Brunette Alumni

1908 Graduate| Great-Grandpa Ernie Brunette

Ernie provided a lot of laborers and support to help build the school in the 1950’s. He owned the sawmill in Rice Lake.

1939 Graduates |Grandpa (Kenneth Brunette & Grandma (Elisabeth ‘Beth’ Fearer-Brunette)

1962 Graduate | Craig Brunette (Tony’s Father)

1968 Graduate | Gail Brunette (Tony’s Mother)

1995 Graduate |Tony Brunette

2018 Graduate | Jillian Brunette (Tony’s daughter)

2026 Future Graduate | Jonathan Brunette (Tony’s son)

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