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Current challenges we face as a school are:

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  • Creating and maintaining innovative classrooms
  • Continuing to foster spiritual growth for students and families
  • Supporting ongoing professional and spiritual development for our faculty

To meet these challenges, we rely upon the generosity of our benefactors.  The gap between tuition and the total cost of educating a student continues to widen, challenging us to provide the education each child deserves.  We are asking for your help and support.

We Are Proud of our Alumni!

For over 130 years we have sent graduates out into the world to make a difference, and that is exactly what they are doing. Our graduates lead the way in academics, sports, service, and professional careers. As our students enter high school they often times earn academic honors.

Our alumni are living examples of faith and service in the communities in which they live.

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October 2022 Alumni Spotlight

Rachel Rutter (Goettl) (2010)

What have you been doing since 8th grade?

After St. Joseph School (SJS), I attended Rice Lake High School and stayed busy with athletics and extracurriculars. My love of science and math was the kickstart to moving to Des Moines, Iowa after graduation to pursue a degree in Pharmacy at Drake University. I was also a member of the Drake University volleyball team for 2 years—leading me to meet my (now) husband through collegiate athletics. I graduated with my doctorate in Pharmacy in May 2020 and got married the week afterward. My husband and I then moved to Green Bay, WI where I worked as a pharmacist for CVS Health and enjoyed our time living in “Packerland”. In early 2022, we moved back to Des Moines, Iowa, and we have been spending our free-time fixing-up our first home!

Favorite Subject/Memory?

I have so many great memories from my time at SJS! My favorite subject was mathematics. Basketball practices with Mrs. Nielsen are a highlight in my memory. I remember how rewarding it was to finish the “bird” and “mammal” projects each year in middle school and I could not forget the fun times diagramming sentences in Sister Claudine’s English classes.

How has your faith guided you?

My faith has always been a constant that has helped me through every stage of life—good and bad. Whether making a difficult decision, being put in a challenging situation, or working through a stressful time, I have always been able to turn to my faith to guide me and I always trust that God will help me through anything. Similarly, my faith has helped me remain thankful for everyone in my life, everything I have, and the opportunities I am given each day.

Advice for current students?

My best advice for current students is: school is important, but being a good person is even more important. SJS will teach you just that. Strive to be the hardest worker, the most loyal friend, the best listener, and the first to help someone in need. In addition to all the educational knowledge, you’ll learn in the classroom, these intangible skills will help you most in high school, in college, and in life beyond school! 

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

My greatest professional accomplishment was to be able to serve as a healthcare professional during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a new pharmacist at the beginning of the pandemic, I was able to go to nursing homes to give the first vaccines, provide countless COVID vaccines to those in my local community, help with COVID testing, and be a resource for those who had questions in a time of such uncertainty.

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